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Ideally, each Beyond Limits tour is arranged months in advance, however, as time becomes free and the traveling bug kicks in, we have been called upon to put together a tour in the nic of time.  No problem, for over 7 years we have been meeting our guests needs by remaining flexible with our tour dates, schedules and activities. We do a lot of customizing on our tours here at Beyond Limits and thru the years we have accommodated driven mountaineers to relaxed seniors looking to enjoy life. In both cases our Beyond Limits guests got exactly what they wanted - a memorable trip with new friends!

Please scroll down the page, many of your initial questions may be answered here. If you do not find the answers you are looking for or you would like to talk with a live person, please call us at 435-640-6435:

General Question:
How do I book my tour?
How can I reach Beyond Limits?
What do your trip prices include?
What kind of shape do I need to be in to enjoy my trip?
How should I train for my trip?
How do you accommodate guests of varying abilities?
How long will each day be?
Do I have to carry any of my own luggage or gear?
Who travels with Beyond Limits?
How large will my group be?
If I'm traveling alone, will you find me a roommate or can I get a private room?
Do I bring my own bike or do you offer rental bikes?
Do you have guest references for your trips?
How far in advance do I need to book?

How do I book my tour?
Before you book your tour we advise you to read the trip description and detailed itinerary. After that, if you have any further questions please contact us. It is important for your enjoyment, that you book a journey that is well suited to your experience and capabilities. Once you have made your choice, mail, fax or email us a completed booking form with a deposit of $500. You should also consider purchasing a trip cancellation policy as soon as you receive the confirmation Deposits can be made by check or money order.

How do I reach Beyond Limits?
You can e-mail us at:

Or phone us at:

You can write us at:
Beyond Limits
PO Box 681662
Park City, UT

What is included in the trip price?

All lodging, with private bath
Majority of the meals
Expertise and services of experienced Beyond Limits Trip Leaders
Tours at museums, historic sites, wineries and other select attractions where indicated
Special events, wine tasting and other culinary experiences where indicated
Park and other entry fees; campground fees
Fares for trains, ferries and other travel noted in the itinerary
Baggage transfers and porterage where indicated
Gratuities at inns and restaurants
Comprehensive Travel Planner with detailed pre-trip information

What is not included in the trip price?

Alcoholic beverages
Snacks and beverages
Personal expenses
Visa's where indicated
Equipment personal equipment where indicated
Gratuities for trip leaders

What kind of shape do I need to be in to enjoy my trip?
Our vacations are designed for all levels. Some tours are more challenging than others and we suggest that talk to us about your current activity level.

How should I train for my trip?
While you don't have to be an Olympic athlete to enjoy a Beyond Limits vacation, you will get the most out of your tour if you are reasonably fit. Try running, hiking, swimming or other aerobic activity for at least 30 - 40 minutes, three times a week, to help you stay fit. If you're choosing a bicycling trip, the best training is to get out and ride—hills and flats—several hours at a time on consecutive days. The key is to just do it—and want to do it again the next day.

How do you accommodate guests of varying abilities?
As you'll find when you review the tour descriptions on this website or in our catalog, each tour is rated for its difficulty level. Average daily mileages are calculated and rated as easy, moderate and difficult.

Most trips have travelers of all abilities so there's typically someone else traveling at your speed. This makes an ideal arrangement for friends and couples, who can spend the day with similarly fit travelers and then reunite for the evenings. We will also try to recommend a tour and departure date with others at your ability.
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How long will we be active each day?
Depending on the vacation you'll typically spend three to five hours daily engaged in a combination of activities. There are rest days built into the itinerary as well as museum, shopping and relaxing along the way.

Cultural tours with half day hikes.

Treks with 2 to 5 days of hiking with the possibility of 6 to 8 miles per day. Remember that walking in a city at museums and enjoying a café takes energy to!

Treks from 4 to 10 days hiking possibly to above 14,000' on passes, with occasional elevation gains of 2,500' in one day. Daily averages of to 6 to 10 miles.

How do Beyond Limits Tour leaders support the routes?
For example on bicycling trips, one Beyond Limits leader will drive the support vehicle, sweeping the route several times during the day, providing lifts and assistance to any riders as needed. Another Beyond Limits leader will bicycle with the guests, roving between groups if traveling at different speeds.

Do I have to carry my own luggage or gear?
The amount that you will need to carry depends on the remoteness of the journey. For vacations that sleep in town, you will only need to carry a day pack, while mountaineering trips will involve much more.

Who travels with Beyond Limits?
About half of our guests are between the ages of 29 and 55. Older and younger active travelers are also join our tours. Depending on your trip, you may meet solo travelers, families and couples.

How large will my group be?
The average group size on all Beyond Limits vacations’ are 6 quests with 1 or 2 Beyond Limits tour leaders.

If I'm traveling alone, will you find me a roommate or can I get a private room?
Our prices are based on double occupancy. If you are traveling alone we will try to find another person for you to room with. If no roommate is available, there is no additional charge if you sign up more than 60 days in advance of trip departure (90 days for all trips outside the continental U.S). If you sign up within 60/90 days, a single supplement will apply.

Do I bring my own bike or do you offer rental bikes?
For carefree travel, we recommend bringing your touring or mountain bike. We can help you to rent bicycles in the areas that we offer tours, but we have found for the best fit and most enjoyment, your bicycle is the best bet.

Do you have guest references for your trips?
Absolutely! We will be happy to give you the names and telephone numbers of guests who have participated on a Beyond Limits journey.

Can I purchase Beyond Limits gift certificates?
Is your best friend an avid bicyclist who has always longed to explore Piedmont? Is your daughter an enthusiastic hiker eager to lace up her boots in the New Zealand Alps? Does your brother want to discover Ecuador by pedaling and hiking? A Beyond Limits journey makes a perfect gift for your active friends and family any time of year. Gift certificates are available in any amount and can be applied by the recipient toward any Beyond Limits journey, pending availability. To purchase a gift certificate for the active travelers in your life, please contact us at 435-640-6435.

How far in advance do I need to book?
The farther in advance that you book, the better selection of available departure dates you will find. You'll definitely want to make reservations for our most popular summer destinations such as soon as possible. Italy's Piedmont and Dolomites or Provence as well as Kilimanjaro and Nepal's Everest Base Camp, book quickly.

Does information found on this Web site differ from that found in your catalog?
Because this site is updated weekly to ensure posting of the most current information, trip dates and other details may differ from those found in Beyond Limits printed literature.
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