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The Dolomites of Northern Italy, are a region rich in culture and tradition. Merchants from Venice, Milan and Florence would summer here during the 16th century while on trading and hunting retreats. Lodges began to be built
Trip Length: 7 days - 6 nights - Difficulty: All - Price: $1995 -

Ancient script states that Lord Manjushri peered at a crystal clear lake in the middle of the Himalayas and drained it with a pass of his sword. This valley, now known as Katmandu, will be our starting and ending point. Our goal is not to travel through this area, but to experience this unique land and people known as the “Sherpa”.
Trip Length: 18 days - 17 nights - Difficulty: 2+ - Price: $2495 -

The white snows and scenic plains of Kilimanjaro have beckoned intrepid explorers for centuries. Climbing to 19,340’ Kilimanjaro offers trekkers the opportunity to stand on the “Roof of Africa” without having to rope up and put on mountaineering gear to do it!
Trip Length: 12 days - 11 nights - Difficulty: 2 - Price: $4595 -

Beyond Limits Provence Discovery offers guests a look into the heart of Provence. Sight, smell, taste and sound collide in a rhythm that is truly unique. Touring through Provence is like living in a painting, inspiration can be found everywhere. If you are searching for a relaxing, yet active vacation, then you have found it here in charming Provence.
Trip Length: 7 days - 6 nights - Difficulty: All - Price: $2295 -

Traversing the heart of New Zealand's wild fiord country, the Milford Trek has long been described as "the finest walk in the world". Since Quintin Mackinnon pioneered the route in 1888, everyone from hardened trekkers to novices, have taken up the challenge of the Milford Trek.
Trip Length: 7 days - 6 nights - Difficulty: 2 - Price: $1895 -

Patagonia is considered one of the last wild corners of the World. A place where raw nature still rules supreme and the imprint of man is relatively recent and scant.
Trip Length: 9 days - 8 nights - Difficulty: 2 - Price: $2595 -

The Tour du Mt Blanc, or TMB, is a 200 km (120 miles) hike around the Mont Blanc massif in the European Alps. The route crosses several high passes and takes the trekker through spectacular mountain scenery in France, Italy and Switzerland.
Trip Length: 11 days - 10 nights - Difficulty: 2+ - Price: $1795 -

Marvel at the barren, desert canyons and witness the progress of the Colorado River as its murky waters carve out the sandstone walls. Hold on to your handlebars as we introduce you to some of Moab's world famous slick rock trails.
Trip Length: 5 days - 4 nights - Difficulty: All - Price: $895 -

Hike to a beautiful mountain meadow with spectacular views of emerald pools, massive rock formations, and incredible unspoiled scenery called La Laguna. 4x4 to La Trucha Lagoon and Yeneka Canyon, long ago traveled by Indians, this area is a unique biosphere and a must see!
Trip Length: 7 days - 6 nights - Difficulty: All - Price: $1295 -

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