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By removing the workplace and introducing your employees and team to a challenging adventure or activity you are placing them in a space that is outside the norm. This exposure to a new experience facilitates a different group dynamic that provides your employees with an opportunity to work within a team while achieving a common goal. Our activities and challenges promote a learning atmosphere where colleagues’ form winning teams and the impossible becomes reality!

The outdoor setting of Park City is the optimum venue to increase employee morale, strengthen self reliance, develop leadership and listening capabilities and to create a more cohesive workforce. To help meet your organizations’ goals, we customize all of our team building events and challenges. The location, difficulty, budget, time frame and activities are determined by you.

Planning a group event can be daunting, so to help you through this process we have created a Team Building and Retreat Worksheet that you can download and email back to us.

Our themed team building events include:
  • Go Native
    You have found yourself amongst ancient Native American ruins. A storm is rolling in and you need to make shelter. Fortunately, you have found perfectly preserved materials for a tipi! You and your team must construct the tipi before the storm rolls in.

  • Rescue 911
    There has been an accident in the Lost Prospector Mine and you are the rescue team. A miner has fallen down the shaft and you have to get him out. Luckily, the miner has not sustained any life-threatening injuries and has use of all his faculties. Time is of the essence!

  • Lineman Wanted
    Utah, 1893. The Wasatch is still an untamed wilderness. You and your team are moving into the Wild West to find your fortune. Money is scarce and you could only afford one ride for your team to share.

  • Around Park City in 80 Days
    You have been invited to the ultimate challenge – a balloon race across the magnificent Wasatch Mountains!

  • The Great Salt Lake Sailing Race
    G’day mate! We’re going to get you ready for the regatta! You and your team will use your corporate savvy to learn the necessary skills to sail on the Great Salt Lake. Next stop, World Cup!

  • Search for the Lost Prospector Mine
    Your team is in search of the Lost Prospector Mine which entombs untold riches in silver. To find this infamous mine you will have to employ all your navigation and map reading skills. No dilly-dallying; other teams have also found the first piece and are hot on your heels!

  • Over the Top Bouldering Competition
    Welcome to the Salt Lake City Over the Top Invitational! You will be competing for the title of Salt Lake Bouldering Champion.After successfully climbing the route, you can also complete a challenge for bonus points!
Empower your workforce with an adventure of a lifetime and take the possibilities

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